DSUSD School Board Recall 

Welcome to the Desert Sands Unified School District Recall page!


We are a group of Parents, Educators, and concerned citizens that see the DSUSD school board as a clear and present danger to the safety and well-being of students in the District's schools.



It is time to reclaim local control over the DSUSD school board.  The board has obviously abdicated their responsibilities to outside interests and cater to the minority of the public--those that share the anti-science views of the Fake News establishment media.  Specifically, the grounds for the recall are as follows:

1. For failing to uphold their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California.

2. For abdicating their duties to her constituents to unelected bureaucrats in Sacramento.

3. For gaslighting their constituents about the curriculum of Ethnic Studies and the California State Seal of Engagement and approving said curriculum against the wishes of her constituents.

4. For instituting mask mandates that are not based on science and are proven to be harmful to Children in particular.


What is the Recall Process?


  1. Generate Intent to Recall Petition with at least ten registered voters per trustee.
  2. Serve the Intent to Recall Petition to each trustee.
  3. Publish the Intent to Recall Petition
  4. Submit the Intent to Recall to the Riverside County Registrar of Voters.
  5. If approved by the RoV, we will have 120 days to collect signatures from the community.
  6. Submit all signatures to the RoV
  7. Read the entire process at the California Secretary of State page.


Where We Are in the Process?



All Trustees of the DSUSD board have now been served and filed with the Riverside Registrar of Voters!  We now wait, up to 30 days, for the approval or rejection of our petitions.  

From the Community


1.  By instituting mask mandates that science shows are harmful, pushing experimental and dangerous vaccines, and by instituting curriculum that is divisive and meant to sexualize and corrupt children, the board has failed to protect every stakeholder's right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".


2. By not taking a stand and protecting the children (and employees) from tyrannical dictates from Sacramento and the illegitimate Biden regime, the board serves no purpose.  The Superintendent has the ability to follow dictates from Sacramento.


3.  By prevaricating to the community in relation what is actually in the various curriculum that they have implemented, against the wishes of the community, the board has shown that they lack the character and ethical qualities needed to lead.


4.  Masks do not work for a virus.


I am someone who doesn't have any children or grandchildren in DSUSD but as a taxpayer and home owner in Palm Desert I am horrified at what I have heard that is going on as it relates to curriculum and I am continually in a cold anger over the mask mandates, six feet social distancing and God forbid if Gruesome Newsome gets his way V mandates. I am relatively certain these people are receiving financial remuneration from both the state and federal government to keep these draconian measures going which lack science to support these abusive measure but have science to support the deleterious effects on the young to keep them fear obsessed and are being brainwashed to be divisive. I will not stand by and watch this happen. I attended one school board meeting In September and I am still stunned at what went on relative to the arrogance of then school board members and superintendent. I am grateful my children can’t be harmed by these people so I stand for the innocent who can.
Dory O’Toole


When a school board no longer support the students, listen to parents, claim that their hands are tied, then voting themselves a raise, its time recall them all!

Since the pandemic hit, and schools closed in March of 2020, we all saw  what school boards refused to do to help the students. Some board members voting to lock out your child, while sending there’s to private schools. We all watched the dangers of the pandemic and students- and it wasn’t the virus. It was the missing, the mental health, isolation, and the suicides amongst students. School boards across the country did nothing and let the teachers unions run the show.

School board members are elected. They are elected to serve the students and parents. They are funded by taxpayers in which they speak for. If you have a board that claims they can’t do anything, then why is this board needed? It's time to replace the board with parents, grandparents, and community members who are willing to stand up to the teachers unions, and put students before anyone else.

This DSUSD recall is important, because it will give power back to parents. Grandparents are also a huge part of this recall, as they have really stepped up to help fight for their grandchildren's future. We applaud grandparents for their huge support in this effort.




Tell us YOUR story.  Why do you feel the board should be recalled?  What is your story?  Only the message portion of this form will be published, if you want your name to appear type it in the message box after your message.

For more information as we build this page, email dsusdrecall@gmail.com