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From the Community


Letters from DSUSD stakeholders


1.  By instituting mask mandates that science shows are harmful, pushing experimental and dangerous vaccines, and by instituting curriculum that is divisive and meant to sexualize and corrupt children, the board has failed to protect every stakeholder's right to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".


2. By not taking a stand and protecting the children (and employees) from tyrannical dictates from Sacramento and the illegitimate Biden regime, the board serves no purpose.  The Superintendent has the ability to follow dictates from Sacramento.


3.  By prevaricating to the community in relation what is actually in the various curriculum that they have implemented, against the wishes of the community, the board has shown that they lack the character and ethical qualities needed to lead.


4.  Masks do not work for a virus.



I am someone who doesn't have any children or grandchildren in DSUSD but as a taxpayer and home owner in Palm Desert I am horrified at what I have heard that is going on as it relates to curriculum and I am continually in a cold anger over the mask mandates, six feet social distancing and God forbid if Gruesome Newsome gets his way V mandates. I am relatively certain these people are receiving financial remuneration from both the state and federal government to keep these draconian measures going which lack science to support these abusive measure but have science to support the deleterious effects on the young to keep them fear obsessed and are being brainwashed to be divisive. I will not stand by and watch this happen. I attended one school board meeting In September and I am still stunned at what went on relative to the arrogance of then school board members and superintendent. I am grateful my children can’t be harmed by these people so I stand for the innocent who can.
Dory O’Toole



When a school board no longer support the students, listen to parents, claim that their hands are tied, then voting themselves a raise, its time recall them all!

Since the pandemic hit, and schools closed in March of 2020, we all saw  what school boards refused to do to help the students. Some board members voting to lock out your child, while sending there’s to private schools. We all watched the dangers of the pandemic and students- and it wasn’t the virus. It was the missing, the mental health, isolation, and the suicides amongst students. School boards across the country did nothing and let the teachers unions run the show.

School board members are elected. They are elected to serve the students and parents. They are funded by taxpayers in which they speak for. If you have a board that claims they can’t do anything, then why is this board needed? It's time to replace the board with parents, grandparents, and community members who are willing to stand up to the teachers unions, and put students before anyone else.

This DSUSD recall is important, because it will give power back to parents. Grandparents are also a huge part of this recall, as they have really stepped up to help fight for their grandchildren's future. We applaud grandparents for their huge support in this effort.



It’s the job of this board to represent the voices of this community, and to insulate us from the tyrannical overreach of our state and federal overlords. So far, they have failed conclusively.

The overwhelming majority of the folks that have spoken at the DSUSD board meetings have been in stanch opposition to the Covid mandates and yet, they've done absolutely nothing to reconcile their concerns. This means they either believe that the state is better equipped to make medical decisions for our children than their parents, or they believe in personal liberty, but are too afraid to fight for it. Neither is acceptable.

We have unique needs that the rest of California doesn’t always understand. Our elected officials were granted the authority by our community to use their power to convey this message to Sacramento. Instead, they chooses inaction. They allow us to remain hostage to Sacramento and Washington DC in fear that any dissenting voice will diminish the amount of federal & state money coming into this district.

WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT BY THIS BOARD! We must hold them accountable, and replace them as soon as possible!


The Vaccine mandate to these children needs to be revoked immediately! Unfortunately we do not the know entire scope of the long term effects it has in kids. It has been around for a short period time to only see the negative effects it has had on them. Boys are the #1 leading source of possibly obtaining heart issues after taking the shot. The youth are dying due to the shot and the complication with a family history of heart disease that NO one is talking about. This shot simply does not stop you from getting the virus. Vaccines are intended to stop the virus and this does measure up. Children should not be forced to put this poison in their body when they are the ones obtaining the higher immunity to the virus. It needs to stop. This is simply over politics at this point and that is not fair to the children to be used as a punching bag so to speak to prove a point of how much control one thinks they can have. These kids have shown resiliency and will continue to do so. We should have never had to put them through all they have been through and now have to make a choice as to whether you get the shot and try and I use that work strongly, try to live a normal life socially, mentally and physically to go in person school or stay home get mentally depressed, be less motivated to learn and succeed and miss out on all the life’s events socially that are the typically a highlight of most kids days. This is an educational issue taking their education away not a worry of the virus. Dumbing these kids down on purpose to struggle the rest of their lives. The polar opposite of what this distinct is about and that is the kids. To teach, thrive and set an example on how to succeed not how to basically kill yourself. I am okay leaving the mask rule in place as I feel it keeps the cold or flu from transmitting between students like it does every year for the cold and flu season it but the Shot mandate is a no go and needs to be thrown out. This is a decision a parent should make for their child not any government who feels they need to flex their power. Each child is different. This shot either accelerates their healthy issues one may have already or gives them a health issue which they would have never had until the shot. This is about education for the kids.




The board is completely outside of their legal authority on many fronts with regard to the students. Mask mandates and Infringing on our children’s personal freedoms in at the forefront of many constitutional violations.



They don’t care about our children… and we gave them a chance to hear our concerns and they have proven over and over they really don’t care about the families in this district. We need people who will hear all sides and not just one .



Disapprove of mask mandates, vaccine mandates and anything taught to children that is not approved by parents. I have a huge problem with my grandsons third grade teacher telling him she'll tape his mask to his face of he keeps wearing it below his nose even though he can't breath and comes home with headaches every day after school when he's never had a headache Ever! Wake the fuck up Our Children Need Oxygen to Breath and for good Physical Health. A Body Deprived of Oxygen Promotes Cancer Growth! Fire Fauci he's Corrupt, Time to Rise Up!



I want more transparency on sensitive items such as racial and sexual subjects covered (even if they aren't specifically titled CRT or subjects). I also want to see the mask and vaccine mandate removed as the science for children getting ill and dying from this virus does not outweigh the damage these masks are doing to our kids both physically and mentally.



I was shocked when I listened to a student of DSUSD talk at one of your board meetings about the teacher doing a role-play which makes the children in class identify oppressor vs oppressed. What are you teaching? How is a child an oppressor? You are teaching children racism. This is not your place. I want to recall all of you. Stop teaching our children to come home and tell their white parents they are racist?



Stop mask mandate. Stop CRT brain-washing. Leave parenting to parents and support TEACHING again. I support school choice and competition for student enrollment.



My whole household is choosing to not use this experimental shot. I am concerned that it’s way to soon to use something that takes years to test and trial for the safety of all humans. The fact you can still contract, spread and die from the sickness regardless of your vaccination status is confirmation there needs to be way more research on these experimental cures. I say no and we should not be forced on any man made drug it’s unconstitutional and violates our rights as US tax paying citizens of this country.


The DSUSD Board members are not making these horrible decisions by chance; these Board Members and educators are Marxists through and through, and their actions are completely deliberate- it's simply part of the strategy. This is a fight between good and evil, and the Board Members have chosen their side. This fight will decide your child's future, so either sit on your hands and keep worrying what the evil doers will do to us next, or stand up to this evil vehemently and crush it. When all is said and done, we will have a full accounting of everyone who participated in perpetuating these crimes and injustices against the citizenry, and they will absolutely be brought to justice. The claim that "I was just doing my job" will not be accepted as a defense- attacks on our constitutional protections shall not be tolerated..


Dr. Robert Malone pioneered the mRNA vaccine, he had a major role in inventing it, and he's vaccinated . . .he's also telling parents "DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN!" Injecting your healthy child is IRREVERSIBLE. A viral gene will be injected into your children's cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including
• Their brain and nervous system
• Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots
• Their reproductive system, and
• This vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system
The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable
• You can’t fix the lesions within their brain
• You can’t repair heart tissue scarring
• You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and
• This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family




Friends of the Community


Mask don’t work. Kids need to go back to normalcy. Critical race theory is a joke and shouldn’t be in our schools. We need to take a stand and fight against these mandates enough is enough



I don’t agree with the way our schools are being run. I do t agree with so much our kids are being taught, we need to teach them useful life skills not racism and critical race theory. The union has lost touch with what parents want for their kids in life.




I've been attending school board meeting for a few months to advocate for the children and to lend my voice to end the abuse of our children. There is no science to support masking our children. As I mentioned to the board "vaccinating" children is a bright red line. Apart from the fact that they WAY over vaccinate our children to begin with there is no science to support injecting them with a experimental gene therapy. Studies have shown there is little chance young children will have any major consequences if they contract the virus and little chance they will pass it to another person. The flu is much more a problem but even then the risk of a major complication is extremely low. The school boards as with the rest of government is motivated by money and power. Truth and common sense has not been part of the conversation since the beginning. The good news they finally pissed off the mom's which is a REALLY bad idea. Everyone needs to stand up and put an end to the dictates, mandates and tyranny of the school boards, county leadership and the absolutely heartless vapid dictates of the state government!